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The Writing Studio

three on-going resources for intermediate and advanced writers

You crave self-expression, not judgement.
You know that labels need not limit you.
You are ready to try something completely new, something that will feed your inner yearning to learn more, be more, do more.

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Simplicity: When you become a member of The Writing Studio within the Creating Space Community,
you’ll be invited to join us for:
Co-writing sessions every week on Zoom. If you need more structure, find prompts and support. And you’ll have the opportunity to ask and get answers to questions you can't find answers to anywhere else. How can you change your life if you do not create space for something new? You know how easy it is to loose momentum. Make sure, deliberately, that you are supported and encouraged! What will you gain?

  • A writing practice focused on specific ways to thrive. By using creativity as a path to greater resilience, you gain insight and inspiration that bubblies up from your own intuitive process. You learn to honor your own process and get increasingly better at writing independently.
  • Dedicated Feedback on writing in writing, which is the best medium because it's the one you are practicing!
  • A warm, welcoming, like-minded community of creative learners interacting and sharing on our private app with no security surveillance or advertising algorithms distracting your focus.
  • The ability to review live workshops that are recorded for independent study for as long as you are a member of the community.
  • Curated materials that inspire learning and keep you in touch with your own goals. References to look at sourced from great books and articles to guide your journey and keep you motivated.
  • Optional participation in our Third Quarter Writing Salon, where you can do live readings to gain a sense of what it's like to read your own work out loud in a group of writers who respect what you are doing.
  • A community of creatives who you can connect with individually to discover new shared interests and resources from the community as they come up. Have interactions live in real time or when it's convenient in a private social networking environment that is secure, has no advertising and allows you to post images and thoughts and share your ideas.
Membership in the Creating Space Community is a monthly investment of $90which is less than the cost of one workshop Free Until The End of Summer 2022, so that you can get in on the ground floor as it's just starting. And, as a founding member, you get the best pricing indefinitely when that commences in the fall. In other words, try it for free for several months and see what you think!

The Writing Studio is a sub-group within the Creating Space Community: belong to a better world!

Complete the Feedback Loop
Between Experience, Validation, Learning & Creative Writing

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Write Your Truth
"The awakening of awareness is like gradually awakening from sleep and becoming more and more vividly aware of everyday reality - only it's everyday reality from which we are awakening." ~C. Maxwell Cade, British Biophysicist and psychobiologist.
Connectivity is Only Rewarding If It's Meaningful
A place where the obstacles to creativity and connection are diminished because it's so much easier to make headway with like-minded people than if you try to "go it alone." And you don’t have to explain what derails your focus. Your writing goals and creative process deserves to flourish. In this space, your language skills, your vocabulary and your confidence will also improve, step by step, day by day...
Writing Can Make You Happy!

It's a phenomenal feedback loop that helps you cultivate wisdom while becoming more articulate AND better at critical thinking simultaneously. The more you do it, the better you get! Simple.

What Do You Get From A Regular Writing Practice With Us?

  • Inspiration
    There's no such thing as 'writer's block' when you learn to consistently follow your own interests and curiosity over time. It becomes a magical form of emergent learning about yourself and how to engage the world you live in with greater substance and meaning!
  • Experienced Feedback
    There is no substitute for feedback from an experienced, trained facilitator or from your peers in a group that is well-structured to be a safe space that fosters your creativity and growth as a writer.
  • Huge Gratification
    Often people don't write because they think they haven't experienced anything. Yet, when you realize that your life is totally unique and that your perspective is, too, the energy to start writing gains momentum. Join a community of others interested in writing. Realize that, just perhaps, you are interested in so many things that you don't even know where to begin! Writing reconnects you with what makes life interesting!
  • Autonomy
    People who live like a leaf wafting in the wind are not in touch with their own deepest desires. Because of this, they tend to live at the effect of what everybody else wants from them. If you yearn to have agency and independence, but are not even sure what that means, a writing practice is where you gain entry into your own most profound sense of self and self-esteem. It opens invisible doorways within your psyche that give you new access to a vaster, more awe-inspiring world. Go ahead, open the door!

A Place to Share Your Process & Work in Progress:
Creativity tends to blossom in community with others. A 'writing salon' for writers, by writers.
Join our private social networking group. No ads, just privacy, posts, images & evolving your writing.

"We yearn to touch life’s mysteries, to step out into the world looking for new solutions to old problems, if not new worlds altogether. We need to tap into our vulnerabilities, seek to understand our fears, look at life through others’ eyes, ask questions, and open up our awareness of the wonders of the universe." 

Grant Faulkner
Champion for Writers in All Genres

The fourth phase of life, beyond childhood, adolescence or adulthood is maturity. Our Mission: Community that nurtures your creative writing in any genre. Encouragement & friendship among writers is a wellspring of inspiration. Let the fourth quarter not be an ending of your ambitions. Do not give up on past hopes and dreams - but begin and nurture - your creative projects. Discuss ideas, craft and works-in-progress that impact your interpretation of life. Write to better know your own mind!

"It takes a village to build writing into one of the most fulfilling things you've ever done!" 

Watch a short video clip that helps clarify the role of the Fourth Quarter Writing Salon.




Watch the Loom video:

A Safe Space For Writers to Share Their First Drafts: You Are Invited

Gabrielle Pullen, MFA
Creative Organizer & Host Writer

Free Weekly Writing Live on Zoom:
Prefer to do your writing without inclusion in a community and without feedback? No problem.
Time to Get Your Writing Project Done!
Whatever kind of writing you are working on, the weekly Shut Up & Write Zoom is a great way to make sure you have set aside a minimum of time to stay on task. It's Free. It's Supportive. It's a Resource! Jump online. Meet other serious writers. Write for an hour in silence. Regroup to connect about how things went.

WRITING is something you do for you. This is your time. And we all know that if you do not schedule time for the things that are important to you...well, they fall by the wayside.


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Stir It Up Shut Up & Write on ZOOM

8:30 AM to 10:25 AM Pacific Time

Every week on Thursday

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Stir It Up Shut Up and Write is a local chapter out of Jacksonville, OR, of the national organization that has been meeting online since the pandemic trashed the option of meeting in person at Rebel Heart Books. We routinely got about 19 people and met after for coffee but now we get people from all over the globe!

Trade offs happen when things change...either way, it works!