Resilience Is Intentional

Death & Trauma Challenge Love
When the pain of loss becomes too great, there is a denial of love that overwhelms the heart. This creates a form of emotional armouring that is at the heart of all suffering.

When the heart shuts down, the connection to spirit, mind and body is disrupted. Forget enjoyment, flow or creativity.

This is the road back. Enter The Resilience Zone. Become a pro at moving freely beyond trauma & grief. We are a community of resilient creators, a mighty network of those Creating Space within for a new experience without...would you like to become part of a better world?
Somalogic: There are many paths to wellbeing...
What Does This Involve - This path?
Improve Your QOL - Quality of Life From the Inside Out
Somalogic is the deeper knowing of the body, the awareness you have that you have not known how to express, at least not yet. Depending on whether you are local, or have found this resource from afar, use it as a guide to find your way, use it as an entry point to regain a connection with your own personal North Star. Where do you start? What resonates?

Trauma is an internal response that happens on many levels.
That's why you need more than one modality to move it:

When you are at a loss for what to do - you must break the pattern - You Must Regain Comfort In Being Alive

>>When you need an intervention - JFB Myofascial Release can restore you to equanimity
>>When you are ready for more permanent help - Feldenkrais® - Awareness Through Movement®
>>When you are craving deeper conversations - Women's Circle - Surpass Previous Limitations
>>When you seek your place in the universe - iRest Meditation - Build a Restorative Practice
>>When you desire a creative outlet for all those emotions - Insight Journaling & Writing Workshop

Sovereignity  • Autonomy  • Intuition • Community
How to forge your OWN path.
 In the aftermath of pain and loss we are more isolated now than ever before. No one has escaped the cataclysmic losses of the pandemic without scars.

The crux of change is at hand for all of us. Yet, in the moment of stillness, there is choice.

As millions of people protest across the planet and the shards of our broken political systems are revealed, huge change is at hand with the weather, the atmosphere, nutrition, medicine and survival itself in a constant state of flux. It's time for a re-direct. Stop relying on outside success. Discover the hidden wisdom of your own being. Discover physical, emotional and spiritual resilience as a path for living in renewal. Want continuous support? Become a member of the Creating Space Community on a trial basis.
What You Do With It Matters
How you live makes a difference.
How you think matters. Your voice matters.
What you put out into the world affects us all but you more than anyone...

What is Resilience?

It's about self-reliance. It's about re-creating your life without feeling lost.

It's about cultivating a healthy INTER-dependence with others also on a path of their own determination. It's about finding and embodying your values and your deepest desires when things fall apart.
What Can You Expect When You Work With Gabrielle?
Presence & Creativity
Discover a novel range of services, classes and coaching that gives you practical solutions:
practices that provide a gateway into a world rich with inspiration, creativity & body-based awareness.
  • Open Your Body

    The innate intelligence of the body responds faster than thought. It resides in sensory, felt input from your nervous system that has access to a form of knowing unavailable to the conscious mind. When you live in continuous stress, it arouses your fight/flight system. Hormones flood your body, increasing heart rate and making access to relaxation dormant. Mindful movement, however, is a way to calm the nervous system. Movement with Awareness expands your inner and your outer senses. It allows you to surrender thought, while moving into spaciousness. This activates your remembrance of the dance of delight that is the essence of embodiment. Cultivate your inner knowing by floating like a river into that zone beyond thought, beyond words. This is a part of the Trauma Release MethodTM that restores your body. #MOVETWITHTHEFLOW
  • Open Your Heart

    Transmute charged emotions, so that they no longer block you. Clear them with a simple process of guided iRest meditation. Reconnect with your personal spiritual and creative resources. In the past, it took forever because you did not know what you know now. You didn't have the tools. Harness the power of your off-the-chart emotions to create an expressway through the minefield of the past. The cultural programming to dismiss emotion is denies the negative effect these vibrations have on your life. Yet, it's binding and keeps you stuck an ever-repeating cycle of trauma. Instead, learn to quickly and easily integrate all that prevents you from experiencing the full grace and majesty of living fully in communication with the divinity of your soul and the world around you. Discover direct access to spontaneous synchronicity, insight and inner guidance. This is a part of the Trauma Release MethodTM that restores your heart. #CLEARTHEFLOW
  • Open Your Mind

    To make sense of life, you tell stories. Every day. Resilient people are different from most people, though, because they let the story morph and change. The creativity of writing reveals that you create a new narrative easily, one that works for you, instead of against you. Express those overwhelming emotions that threaten to engulf you. When you see your own story as fiction, you acknowledge that all perception is composed of beliefs and expectations. Life is not logical. Enter into a way to create beauty out of heartbreak. A life lived, people loved and lost, wisdom accrued equals a new level of creative acumen. A keen mind and sharp wit can pierce the soul as easily as a needle passes through cloth. The practice of writing hones your ability to grasp the meaning that life has kept you too busy to process. One of the most fulfilling experiences in life is to give your understanding wings through creative expression. This is a part of the Trauma Release MethodTM that restores your creativity. #WRITEINFLOW
  • Open to Sacred Space

    Let the universe be your ultimate teacher. When we meet in sacred space, allowing the center to hold, there is a magical emergent consciousness that moves through each of us if we let it. "I believe the feminine rising is an opportunity for tremendous shifts in consciousness and on our planet," Paula Mallis. "Creating space for this pivotal time where we are shifting, changing and transforming." The Surpass Circle is a support group for women structured to foster your emergent wisdom. To surpass is transformative. It means to grow bigger than, not just survive. It means to move into a new aliveness even after major life challenges. In this, we enrich our lives with deeper connections to others AND to all that is. The pandemic has also been one of isolation and has shown us how vital human connection is to wellbeing, health and vitality. Connect with others on the path to restore your sense of living in a universe that supports you. #CONNECTWITHTHEFLOW

We are either living out love or fear. To to live in love is to live in receptive mode. Make space in your life for feeling alive regardless of circumstance.

Make space for your intellect to flourish.
Make space for your mind to regain serenity.
Make space for your body to heal and become renewed.
Make space for your heart to reawaken to the beauty of love.
Make space for your soul to speak by way of magical synchronicities.
Make space to tune into a vaster consciousness than your own alone.
Make space for spontaneous downloads from Source.
Make space for your creative juices to flow.
Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, GCFP, LMT
Course Curator
Hello! Call me a life design coach! I help you design a life that feeds your soul, irrespective of past trauma or loss. I have spent decades, since childhood, instinctively using the disruptions of trauma to enact dramatic new beginnings. I have had my hands on thousands of people as a massage therapist over 20 years, feeling the way that trauma seats itself in the tissues of the body. To survive the sheer physical stress of working with that many people in pain on a regular basis, I took on the Feldenkrais Training (2000-2004) which explained - without words! - how deeply trauma affects the ability to feel safe in the world. I recovered from years of addiction, followed by years of abuse by discovering a sure path out of the dark pain of devastation. Along the way, I came to some unique conclusions about how to access the root of the problem, based on concrete results. The body doesn't lie.

And during the ensuing years of joy, which happened after I became willing to relinquish the pain. I came to a new place within myself. I wish to share this process with you, because I feel very strongly that with this work, no one need suffer. I also feel very strongly that no one should ever have to suffer. Ever. Pain is an adaptation, a response. It is not supposed to be where you live. It is feedback, that tells you something's gotta give, and if you have the courage that is your birthright, it I'm here to help you determine that it's not going to continue to be you.

I am a somatic movement practitioner specializing in trauma resolution. I have extensive experience with all kinds of therapies and mediation practices. I have been teaching professionally since 2002. I have been trained in recovery protocols for veterans with PTSD by the iRest Institute. In 2015 I obtained my Masters Degree In Writing and Certification in Teaching Writing two years later. All this I bring to give you the very best, exclusive solution to living in the complete uncertainty of long-term grief and trauma. It's time to do things differently. It's time to tell a new narrative, one that empowers you to live in peace. In this season of my life, I have come up with a clear systematic pathway that you can easily learn for yourself, to free yourself from the ravages of loss and replace it with internally sourced inspiration, creativity & comfort. All this is wrapped up inside the promise I make to you to show you the way back to your own innate resilience and joy.
Mindful Movement to Embody Consciousness - Zoom OR in person, Jacksonville, Oregon
Online Instruction - The Extraordinary Ordinary Writing Workshop
Free Initial Consultation - In Person OR Via Zoom - Let's Talk!
Life Begins Anew with A Sense of Belonging - Find On-going Connection & Support


Bodywork that addresses how the Body Keeps the Score

Trauma is not a life sentence of suffering. What makes The John F Barnes Approach® to Myofascial Release different? It allows you to move out of a state of chronic emotional and/or physical pain without words, without drugs and without years of rehashing the past...magical in its ability to help you transcend the past and regain a sense of self that is confident and empowered.

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    Self-Care that addresses the Innate Knowing of the Body: Somalogic

    Most people have no idea how the musculoskeletal system functions. As a result, they work too hard, causing endless fatigue and friction. Body Awareness, and understanding of how gravity can make you more stable in space and how to keep yourself free of restrictions and able to move easily until the day you die is all possible, if you take the time to learn a few principles and practice self-care. Appreciate the body you're in by gaining a new understanding of how to care for it! The Feldenkrais Method® is your ticket to new understanding that is irrevocable. Once you know certain things somatically, meaning in your body, you never forget; it's like riding a bycicle.
    Feldenkrais? Awareness Through Movement?
    Reprogram Your Brain for Ease

    Rather than a theory of how humankind can improve, the Feldenkrais Method is a simple, practical process for intrinsic learning and motivation. It is based directly on scientific method: the process of creating an experiment with constraints and then observing the results. The medium is movement because the feedback is immediate. The result of learning this is exponential. Feldenkrais is named after the founder of the Method, Moshe Feldenkrais, who brought us this amazing way to apply the principles of physics to use gravity to stabilize balance and access less wear and tear on the joints. It cultivates extreme sensitivity to distinctions enriching enjoyment of life AND spontaneity.

    Awareness Through Movement is the class format which allows for inexpensive access to the masses.

    Functional Integration is the private session format which is a one-on-one with a highly trained practitioner who embodies the work and can jump-start your progress.

    What People Are Saying
    A Transformative Process That's Easy to Learn

    "I feel so grounded!" 

    This is the most comment I get most often when people work with me.
    It's usually accompanied by a certain calm that is a result of the process.
    I'm just the messenger. You embody the work when you do it and the benefits
    are a sense of spaciousness and new access to ease and creativity.
    • Gabrielle is incredibly knowledgeable. She is helping me through my grief process. By becoming aware of how my thoughts and emotions are affecting my body, I am much more mindful of moving in healthy, safe ways.

      Cheryl Colwell
    • I've been telling everyone I know with back pain about the lessons I've taken from Gabrielle and what I've learned from her. I sure do recommend her! I have very serious scoliosis and the relief I have found is an improvement I have longed for. The clearing of old emotional baggage is huge.

      Michelle Howden
    • Over the past year, with skill and innate intelligence, she has helped me use writing to tap into my past, understand who I was growing up and who I am now. As I continue the journey to becoming more true to myself. She gives me the right mix of challenge and heart. I couldn't be in better hands.
      Mary Donkersloot
    • After I started working with Gabrielle I found that the peace I long was creeping into my life in unexpected ways. I experience calm in frustrating situations. My reactions to situations are way different. I can see other ways of viewing things. I don’t work at this-I don’t do anything. I merely attend the meditations or listen to the audio files at home!

      Pam Perkins
    • I don't know how it all works, but Gabrielle has given me some great medicine, in the form of her instruction, that has given me hope for managing my pain. That means a lot to me. She has given me a way to respond to aging that makes me feel it's not an inevitable decline in mobility and mental acuity.

      Jennifer Soloman
    • PTSD was raging and I couldn't get rid of it...I would lash out at people, get overwhelmed and always looking for a bunker, a place to get away. Getting to a different place started with going to iRest sessions with Gabrielle. I started to notice people looking back at me, like I wasn't projecting rage any more...I didn't see that for many years but whatever I was projecting outwards was different
      Richard Lowry
    Awareness Through Movement
    Class for Beginners
    Change Your Brain - Improve Your 
    Quality of Life!
    Where are live classes?

    Jacksonville, Oregon: Your Life Matters is located

    in the Gogi building.

    Live Flow Feldenkrais ATM Classes

    In Person Saturday Class Location
    235 W Main St., Jacksonville OR

    Free Parking in the Gogi Restaurant lot or on the street.
    Class is held in the big room upstairs. The entrance to the upstairs office suites is on the other side of the Gogi Building by the Elan Bed & Breakfast.
    So, you want to start taking better care of yourself! You know it's time.
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