Stop Depending on People; Depend on the Universe


Become a Master at Questioning Reality
What do you do when suffering seems endless and you feel you have nowhere to turn?
Each of us has pain inside we'd like to get rid of but can't - anxieties, traumas, negative thoughts, painful emotions...
Yet, suffering is not something that happens TO you.
It's a response to what happens.
When your own heart and mind are making you suffer,
it's a response you can change.
Deepening your ability to live even in the aftermath of tremendous and cataclysmic loss is a matter of retraining your brain to synch back up with the beauty of being alive.

"...We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon of which we do not dream." ~William James

People are falling through the cracks in our health care system. It's on overload. To change, it's up to you.

"It turns out that these innate internal resources - that we can discover for ourselves and draw upon - all rest on our capacity for embodied awareness and our ability to cultivate our relationship to that awareness."~Jon Kabatt-Zin
You can survive this. You can find a way back from even the most painful experiences.
"After any type of trauma (from combat to car accidents, natural disasters to domestic violence, sexual assault to child abuse), the brain and body change. Every cell records memories and every embedded, trauma-related neuropathway has the opportunity to repeatedly reactivate." ~Boston Clinical Trials

But you can reprogram your brain for good,
for feeling better, for a better life once again.

iRest Meditations repair your heartbreak and rest your body.
How It Works
High Quality Recordings 
or Live Zoom Meditations
Your choice. Better yet, participate in both.
Private, custom meditations are also available,
for the issues that are so unique
or personal they defy understanding.
Revise Your Reality
Tap into inner resources that provide a sense of calm.
Restore your confidence in life itself.
Rest your body and your broken heart.
Have 24/7 Access 
The best help is when you learn how to help yourself. When you learn how to fish, instead of letting people serve you fish, you regain the agency to help yourself. When you choose iRest,
you have access to that level of support 24/7 because
you can do these guided, relaxing meditations any time.
Let's get your started. Find out more. Register for a free phone or zoom demo. Experience a custom meditation designed just for you based on a brief consultation.