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Prefer to do your writing without inclusion in a community and without feedback? No problem.
Time to Get Your Writing Project Done!
Whatever kind of writing you are working on, the weekly Shut Up & Write Zoom is a great way to make sure you have set aside a minimum of time to stay on task. It's Free. It's Supportive. It's a Resource! Jump online. Meet other serious writers. Write for an hour in silence. Regroup to connect about how things went.

WRITING is something you do for you. This is your time. And we all know that if you do not schedule time for the things that are important to you...well, they fall by the wayside.


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Stir It Up Shut Up & Write on ZOOM

8:30 AM to 10:25 AM PST

Every week on Thursday

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Stir It Up Shut Up and Write is a local chapter out of Jacksonville, OR, of the national organization that has been meeting online since the pandemic trashed the option of meeting in person at Rebel Heart Books. We routinely got about 19 people and met after for coffee but now we get people from all over the globe!

Trade offs happen when things change...either way, it works!