Surpass Women's Circle

To "Surpass" Means to Become Greater Than, Rather Than Merely Survive
2023 Surpass Women's Circles
Due to The New World Order, It's Time to Think at a Higher Octave

Reframing how we see things is an almighty shift in perspective - not only to heal

and to overcome fear, anxiety and compulsion - but all forms of suffering.

We cannot allow ourselves to get sucked into the collective insanity of distraction and finger pointing. We must learn to turn away, to say, "No" to the internal compulsion to participate. Why? For the sake of our serenity as individuals, for one, and for the sake of our ability to generate a new response as a species. To create a better response, we need to be grounded and focused.

Here's a powerful new frame in answer to the question, "What the *&ˆ% is happening?!?" Learn ways to stop the ego chatter and to intercept it, to prevent falling back into internal narratives that are divisive. Whether the stories and narratives are manipulations from the outside that are being repeated within, or just self-talk that is fraught with the negative patterns of past relationships that were about judgement. It's that constant negative chatter that creates suffering because it cuts the connection to the source of your being and the flow of life energy. In circle, we hold the space for creating a calmer, more joyous reality.

Facilitator: Gabrielle Pullen
Circle convener since 2012 for Gather the Women of Nevada County, when she was still living in California, Gabrielle has begun holding circles for women seeking to create a new narrative going forward for a better world personally and globally in Southern Oregon.

The original group years ago was a safe space for group consciousness to flourish and give birth to a communally written book, The Write to Heal Abuse Anthology. This publication included poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and memoir about the moment of realization that "something's gotta give and it's not going to be me." Going forward, the focus on the circle is more geared towards the practical essence of surpassing trauma. Gabrielle, like any teacher worth her salt, is always evolving new and more effective ways to co-create a new world, one that works towards the highest good for all.
Gain Tools for Co-Creation
  • The Structure of the Circle
    The shape of the circle is a literal structure for holding a safe space for dialogue, respect and co-creation.
  • Meditation in Brief
    Setting a tone of silence allows new answers to arise from your innate wisdom. We meditate briefly at the beginning of each circle to arrive and ground ourselves.
  • Writing Your Way Free
    We do short timed writings to access a deeper level of clarity. First to dump the worries and distractions of superficial consciousness. Then as an opportunity to write a new narrative.
  • Connection
    One of our number had not written a word in seven years, since experiencing a loss so unspeakable, I will not repeat it here. But after, she found herself expressing things she had not even been aware of.
  • Confidence Going Forward
    When we all leave feeling better than we did when we came, it's clear this is a structure for release and renewal that works.
  • Online Support Group 24/7
    Using the principles of 12 step groups which have saved millions of lives since 1930, we are committed to sharing our experience, strength and hope with you.
The Surpass Circle is a weekly support group for women. To surpass is transformative. It means to grow bigger than, not just survive. It means to move into a new aliveness even after major life challenges.

Purpose: To enrich our lives with deeper connections to all that is, including ourselves and each other.The pandemic of isolation and lockdowns has shown us how vital human connection is to wellbeing, health and vitality.
We meet in circle because that is a safe space that invokes the sacredness of life. We meditate briefly together to calm the mind. We free write to learn how to articulate our thoughts, perceptions and feelings. We discuss what comes up.

When asked how to become a better communicator, Jordan Peterson responded, " It helps to read a lot. It really helps to write. So if you want to make yourself articulate, which is a very good idea, then not only should you read, but you should write. Write down what you think and if you can do that a little bit every day, 15 minutes, maybe you could steal 15 minutes a day, and it will really straighten out your thinking."

We meet for 10 weeks with a new group starting 2 times a year.
To get the most out of the circle, commit to the ten sessions and each time we will be envisioning a new future in whatever area of your life you select. Reprograming old behaviors that no longer serve our best intentions takes you showing up for yourself consistently. Each session introduces a new guided visualization process to support you in reaching for a greater quality of life as you mature, rather than a diminishing one! Click through to discover when our next circle is being offered.

Now online inside our community called Creating Space. Bring a willing, open mind!