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The Writing Studio
an online space for interactive writing for intermediate and advanced English (and ESL) students
You crave self-expression, not judgement.
You know that labels need not limit you.
You are ready to try something completely new, something that will feed your inner yearning to learn more, be more, do more.

Simplicity: When you become a member of The Writing Studio Community, you’ll be invited to join us for:
•   Weekly co-writing sessions on Zoom, during which we’ll share prompts and support, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions via private message
  • Live workshops focused on specific ways to thrive using creativity as a path to greater resilience, insight and inspiration. Includes online courses such as Craft Your Craft and Remembering Anew Future
  • Dedicated Q&A time during all live workshops
  • Feedback on writing in writing.
  • A warm, welcoming, like-minded community of creative learners interacting and sharing on our private app in
  • The ability to rewatch the live workshops for as long as you are a member of the community
  • A weekly curated email to guide your journey and keep you motivated
  • A listing in our Third Quarter Writing Salon to connect with members individually and to discover new events, resources and posts from the community as they come up
Membership in The Writing Studio Community is a monthly investment of $90—which is less than the cost of one workshop.

Connectivity is Only Rewarding If It's Meaningful
A place where the obstacles to creativity and connection are diminished because it's so much easier to make headway with like-minded people than if you try to "go it alone." And you don’t have to explain what derails your focus. Your writing goals and creative process deserves to flourish. In this space, your language skills, your vocabulary and your confidence will also improve, step by step, day by day...
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